Prep School

Our curriculum is broad, tailored to the needs of today but with traditional elements where we can provide them, and shaped by our Christian foundation.

Emphasis is placed on children having access to a curriculum that enables them, and gives them the skills and qualities they’ll need to be successful students and adults. We place great store in being able to bring out the best in every pupil, valuing good manners, good fun and hard work. We believe that the journey a child makes is as important as the destination he or she eventually reaches.

We offer all of the national curriculum subjects and also French and Latin. The former is taught throughout school, whilst the latter is taught from 2nd Form [Yr4] onwards. We celebrate all achievement as significant, valuing each child.

Academic standards are high. Several children achieve scholarships to their next school and are supported to do so.

Games and P.E. form an integral part of the experiences offered to our children and significant benefits like team work are all the more reason to promote their inclusion in the curriculum.

Technology is timetabled for all children. The excellently equipped ‘Technology’ lab has access to the internet, an interactive whiteboard and facilities for a wealth of Design and Technology activities.

Homework is set each night from the Pre-Prep upwards. It is carefully geared to what the child is capable of, and lays foundations for properly disciplined work habits as he or she moves through the school.

Examinations are held during the summer for the upper half of the school. These are helpfully diagnostic, and enable children the better to cope with the demands of the public examinations which many of them will be sitting when they are thirteen.

The youngest children are taught most things by the same teacher with support from Music, DT and PE specialists.

The transition to specialist teaching begins in Form 1 and then continues in Forms 2 and 3 where subject specialism is the basis for timetabling.

From Form 4 to Form 6, where the Common Entrance syllabus begins, each subject is taught by a specialist who understands their particular subject and the requirements it places on the children.

Throughout the school class sizes are small giving the children the best opportunity to interact personally with the teachers.

The best way to judge our curriculum and our school however is to come in and see it in action for yourself.