POSSIBLE SIDE KEYWORDS: Work hard – be nice! Be kind

In a small and friendly setting, teachers are are able to offer children the support they need to embark on a broad ranging curriculum and to know every family.  From their first day with us, we enable every child to be an individual and to flourish right from the start.

In addition to literacy and numeracy, children are taught PE, Music, Art, Swimming, Dance, IT and French by subject specialists from the Prep School, which gives our provision a very unique flavour. In this way, children gradually get to know the Prep School teachers, making the transition through the School a smooth and successful one.

The Pre-Prep ensures that your child gains a love of knowledge and learning, and builds a strong and secure foundation for all areas of education and life beyond. With a caring and stimulating approach, each pupil fulfills his or her potential and always strives for the very best.