Middle School

1st and 2nd Forms – Years 3 & 4

The Middle School is the first step in the journey through the Prep School and the age at which children can join the Boarding House and the Cathedral Choir (Choristers).

The care and education of all of the Middle School pupils is shared between the Form teachers, who meet twice daily with the children. These staff also deliver a large proportion of the curriculum to the pupils, and oversee their progress academically, socially and in their chosen co-curricular activities. Much is made of the need for children to grow in confidence, independence (within the Middle School), and become more socially aware of one another. The two year groups work closely together to produce a Drama Production in February and March each year, and also travel together on School trips and to sports fixtures.

It is in the Middle School that the children are able to develop their self-esteem, build on the literacy and numeracy skills acquired in Pre-Prep, and flourish outside of the classroom, to give them the strongest of foundations for their journey through the Prep School. This calm and yet focused environment gives the boys and girls a wonderful two years to ensure that they have the skills they need to reach their potential in years to come.