School Trips

At The Chorister School we believe that learning outside the classroom is an essential component of our curriculum.

It gives our pupils unique opportunities to develop their resourcefulness and initiative and to spend time together in an informal environment. Each trip is different. Some are directly related to the curriculum, some are designed to promote social awareness, or to enhance physical skills, self-reliance and team-working. Others will extend the pupils’ knowledge of the world. The common factor is that they all make an essential contribution to each pupil’s development and education in the broadest sense of the word.

Each form, from Pre-School to Year 8 will experience numerous trips each year. We take full advantage of the museums, theatres and places of interest in County Durham and the North East, as well as those throughout the UK. Year 7 and 8 pupils are also offered trips abroad, recently visiting Ypres, Brussels, Paris and Rome.

In 2013 The Chorister School introduced a new initiative: Field Day. In the Lent term, every class goes out on a different trip to experience something they could not normally experience during the School day. Pupils have enjoyed seeing behind the scenes of major London buildings, drama workshops on the Theatre Royal stage, glass blowing, film-making, behind the scenes Museum tours, sculpture trails and many more exciting encounters.