The School

We believe that all children deserve to grow and thrive in a secure setting where each individual is valued, respected and cared for, where practitioners are dedicated, parents are included and involved, and where learning is fun and children are happy.

The Chorister School Pre-School offers girls and boys inclusive and positive learning in an historical and unique environment, providing the best possible start to your child’s formal education.

We always ensure enjoyable and creative learning, offering a structured curriculum with indoor and outdoor experiences in play, talk and investigation, giving children the foundations of learning. Our excellent teacher-to-pupil ratio results in careful intervention between adult and child, offering the best opportunities to achieve goals appropriate to your child’s age, stage and development.

Children have only one childhood and we seek to nurture and develop their talents within a safe and caring environment. We offer children the chance to grow and flourish by working closely alongside their parents and all members of School staff.

In a small and friendly setting, teachers are able to offer children the support they need to embark on a broad ranging curriculum and to know every family.  From their first day with us, we enable every child to be an individual and to flourish right from the start.

In addition to literacy and numeracy, children are taught PE, Music, Art, Swimming, Dance, IT and French by subject specialists from the Prep School, which gives our provision a very unique flavour. In this way, children gradually get to know the Prep School teachers, making the transition through the School a smooth and successful one.

The Pre-Prep ensures that your child gains a love of knowledge and learning, and builds a strong and secure foundation for all areas of education and life beyond. With a caring and stimulating approach, each pupil fulfills his or her potential and always strives for the very best.

Years 3 & 4

The Middle School is the first step in the journey through the Prep School and the age at which children can join the Boarding House and the Cathedral Choir (Choristers).

The care and education of all of the Middle School pupils is shared between the Form teachers, who meet twice daily with the children. These staff also deliver a large proportion of the curriculum to the pupils, and oversee their progress academically, socially and in their chosen co-curricular activities. Much is made of the need for children to grow in confidence, independence (within the Middle School), and become more socially aware of one another. The two year groups work closely together to produce a Drama Production in February and March each year, and also travel together on School trips and to sports fixtures.

It is in the Middle School that the children are able to develop their self-esteem, build on the literacy and numeracy skills acquired in Pre-Prep, and flourish outside of the classroom, to give them the strongest of foundations for their journey through the Prep School. This calm and yet focused environment gives the boys and girls a wonderful two years to ensure that they have the skills they need to reach their potential in years to come.


Our curriculum is broad, tailored to the needs of today but with traditional elements where we can provide them, and shaped by our Christian foundation.

Emphasis is placed on children having access to a curriculum that enables them, and gives them the skills and qualities they’ll need to be successful students and adults. We place great store in being able to bring out the best in every pupil, valuing good manners, good fun and hard work. We believe that the journey a child makes is as important as the destination he or she eventually reaches.

We offer all of the national curriculum subjects and also French and Latin. The former is taught throughout school, whilst the latter is taught from 2nd Form [Yr4] onwards. We celebrate all achievement as significant, valuing each child.

Academic standards are high. Several children achieve scholarships to their next school and are supported to do so.

Games and P.E. form an integral part of the experiences offered to our children and significant benefits like team work are all the more reason to promote their inclusion in the curriculum.

Technology is timetabled for all children. The excellently equipped ‘Technology’ lab has access to the internet, an interactive whiteboard and facilities for a wealth of Design and Technology activities.

Homework is set each night from the Pre-Prep upwards. It is carefully geared to what the child is capable of, and lays foundations for properly disciplined work habits as he or she moves through the school.

Examinations are held during the summer for the upper half of the school. These are helpfully diagnostic, and enable children the better to cope with the demands of the public examinations which many of them will be sitting when they are thirteen.

The youngest children are taught most things by the same teacher with support from Music, DT and PE specialists.

The transition to specialist teaching begins in Form 1 and then continues in Forms 2 and 3 where subject specialism is the basis for timetabling.

From Form 4 to Form 6, where the Common Entrance syllabus begins, each subject is taught by a specialist who understands their particular subject and the requirements it places on the children.

Throughout the school class sizes are small giving the children the best opportunity to interact personally with the teachers.

The best way to judge our curriculum and our school however is to come in and see it in action for yourself.