Prep School Weekly Blog 2.3.20

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A message from our Deputy Head and Head of Mathematics, Mr Andrew Chandler:

Well done to the Year 8 pupils – I was delighted with many of the results for their Mock Common Entrance papers.

While some may feel that their results were below what they were expecting, it is important for the pupils and parents to remember that writing papers under exam conditions is a skill in itself, and can only really be mastered with practice. So the results for most were very pleasing indeed, especially for so early on in the year.

There are some areas of the curriculum that we will revisit over the next few weeks – such as the application of circles formulae and some of the more advanced algebra skills. But the cohort is well on track for their Summer Exams.

Year 7 pupils have been pushing ahead with their work on fractions, and exploring the relationships between fractions, decimals and percentages. Over the next few weeks, we will build further on this, and may even get as far as being allowed to use calculators for some of the more advanced problems.

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