Pre-School and Prep-Prep Weekly Blog – 10th May

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Pre-School enjoyed their weekly Bible Story with Dr Wilson and did some fabulous listening.  They then got a chance to play some of the games in the Gold Classroom and afterwards did some brilliant tidying up.

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Gold Class are really enjoying reading and discussing books by Anthony Browne.  This week in small groups they discussed the amazing illustrations and presented their interpretations to the rest of the class.  In a comparative investigation in Science they planted seeds to be placed in different conditions to see what plants really need to grow.  The highlight of the week was when Cheryl form the NSPCC announced that Gold Class, along with 1st Form, won the ‘Best Class Participation Award’ for their efforts in raising sponsorship money for the ‘Big Buddy Workout’.  Thank you very much to all our friends and family for helping us achieve this.

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In Purple Class, the postcards the children all sent as their ‘un-homework’ during the Easter holidays have just about all made it to Durham. Some had further to come than others, travelling from places as diverse as Taiwan, Brazil and the Lake District. The children thought about which types of vehicles their postcards would have used on their journeys.  They decided that they wanted to make their own aeroplanes – paper aeroplanes! The children tested them to see how far they would fly.

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Silver Class had a great time in Dance this week.  As their topic is ‘Lighthouses’ and the children have been learning about Grace Darling, they created their own dance sequences to ‘A Storm is Coming.’ The children created exaggerated moves for the fast and furious music out at sea and then more gentle movements for the relaxing and calmer music. The children worked with a partner to mirror each other’s moves and in the end they created a fabulous group dance. Well done, Silver!

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