Pre-School & Pre-Prep Weekly Blog – 6 March

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The highlight of this week was World Book Day.  Our theme was rhyming stories and poems and all the children and staff made a great effort to dress up. 

We started the day with a World Book Day Assembly together and then we read and did activities in our classrooms based on a particular theme.  We read about ‘The Cat in the Hat’, ‘Ten Little Pirates’, ‘The Smeds and the Smoos’ and ‘The Cupboard Under the Stairs’. 

In the afternoon we swapped classes and read and did activities based on a different book.  We all got together to create a collage of our favourite characters and quotes from the books we had read.  To round off the day we welcomed parents and grandparents to share a book with the children in their classrooms.  It was a fun and successful day where we also raised money for Book Aid International. 

A big thank you to all the parents and carers for their support!

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