Pre-School and Pre-Prep weekly blog – 21 June

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Fun in the sun!

Pre-School have really enjoyed exploring their beach theme this week.  They have been making ice cream cones for their Ice Cream Parlour, creating beautiful beach pictures using sand and doing lots of counting inside and in the garden.

21.6.19 4

Avast ye land lubbers!! A cheeky pirate sneaked into Purple Class under cover of darkness this week. He left the children a box of treasure and told them that if they worked out how many Gold coins were inside they could win a prize. This gave the children a great opportunity to practise their estimation skills, and counting in 10s. The children hope that he comes back next week, as they plan to build their own pirate ship, and would like his advice!

21.6.19 521.6.19 6

Silver Class have loved learning about the story ‘Alice in Wonderland’ linking to their topic ‘A Wonderful World’.  The children have been writing out their own party invitations for their very special ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ and they are getting very excited about it.

21.6.19 7

Gold Class baked some delicious biscuits in Mathematics and decorated them.  They used all their measuring skills to use the scales to weigh the ingredients.

21.6.19 8

In honour of the Women’s World Cup, it was time for practising football skills in Pre-Prep Multi-Sports Club.  In our match, England beat USA 2-1.

21.6.19 9

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