Pre-School and Pre-Prep Weekly Blog – 7th February

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This week after reading ‘The Gingerbread man’, Pre-School baked their own delicious gingerbread. 

To round off their learning about Lunar New Year, Reception really enjoyed their visit to The Oriental Museum, Durham.

Year 1 put Leonardo da Vinci’s designs to the test! The children designed and created amazing parachutes based on da Vinci’s inventions, and what better way to test their flight ability than throwing them off the staircase! Some superb parachutes made a clear flight and all parachutes landed safely.

In PSHE Year 2 created short sketches that promote the importance of taking care of our teeth.  They also enjoyed exploring the School on a 3D shape hunt.

Eco Club were very proud of their eco-friendly bird feeders and will be watching out for their ‘feathered friends’ snacking on them around school.

NSPCC Number Day was a great success with lots of fun activities.  We all got together at the end of the day for some number songs and dancing!  Thank you very much to everyone for their generous donations.

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