Pre-School and Pre-Prep Weekly Blog – 10th January

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A fantastic start to the New Year!

Happy New Year!  It has been lovely to welcome the children back to school this week and hear about all their exciting holiday news.  Pre-School and Pre-Prep have made a great start to the new term. 

In Pre-School the children have been doing lots of learning and experimenting inside and out! 

In Reception the children have been painting pictures of woodland creatures, making their own frost and snow and learning that ‘j’ is for jelly. 

Year 1 have started their new topic ‘Famous for more than five minutes’. This week, the children learned about Ole Kirk Christiansen who invented Lego. They then explored the properties of plastic and why it is such a great material to use for Lego. The children also started their Computing lessons in the Computer Suite, learning how to develop their computer skills.

In Year 2 the children have been doing a lot of practical work to help them with division.  In Computing they have begun to learn about programming and were writing algorithms to ‘program’ each other to make 2D shapes.

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