Pre-Prep weekly blog – 15 February 2019

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Purple Class have continued their space adventure this week! They have been sorting out the facts from the fiction, and learning about real space exploration. They now know the name of the first man to walk on the moon and the name of the rocket which he travelled in.  The children made their own models of rockets, which they tested  in the courtyard.

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Silver Class have loved learning about Chester Greenwood in Science. Chester Greenwood invented the first ever pair of ear muffs in America in the late 1800’s. The children investigated the properties of different materials and how some materials are better at retaining heat than others. They tested up to 10 different materials wrapped around cups of hot water (with a little help from the teachers). They left them for five minutes and then tested the temperature using a thermometer and recording the different temperatures. Silver Class discovered that materials such as wool and tin foil retain the heat the most, with paper retaining the least. Silver Class decided we would definitely not like tin foil around our ears, therefore wool was the winner. Great work, Silver!

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Gold Class really enjoyed watching the Junior Path Race and cheering on their House competitors.  They can’t wait to do the race themselves next year. The children have also been reading and thinking about the poem ‘Aliens stole my Underpants’.  They thought it was hilarious and had great fun acting it out in groups.

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