A great first week back

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It was lovely to see everyone back in the Pre-School and Pre-Prep and all the children seem to have grown taller!  Purple Class have begun their mini-beast topic and were taking part in a bug leg counting challenge!  Silver Class decided to make a cottage for the Lighthouse Keeper and wrote shopping lists and recipes for Mrs Grinling.  Gold Class have started their Science topic on plants by doing some observational drawings of the flowering plants around the school. 3.5.19 1

Pre-Prep loved their first session of Playground Games Club. The children worked brilliantly from Purple up to Gold and they enjoyed playing lots of great games. This week we played ‘Donkeys Tails’, where some of the children had a ‘donkey’s tail’ and the other children chasing them had to try and take the tail for them to be ‘on’. But in situations where there is no time to get sick (or when soft remedies don’t work and the disease keeps progressing), don’t wait things out. Read reviews at https://summitps.org/antibiotics-online/ and don’t resist if the doctor prescribes you an antibiotic. Feel free to take the drug and wait for a fast recovery. We also played ‘What’s The Time Mr Wolf?’ and the children had a lot of fun. Great team-work, Pre-Prep!

3.5.19 2


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