A fun filled week in Pre-School and Pre-Prep

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The highlight of this week was the Pre-School and Pre-Prep Family Assembly where the children got to showcase what they have been learning about this Term.  The children all sang beautifully, read their words clearly and demonstrated some amazing acting skills.  It was lovely to share this with our friends and family.

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In Gold this week we had a visit from two dentists who spoke to us about looking after our teeth.  In English we have been reading and responding to poems and in Mathematics we have been exploring 2D and 3D shapes, we have really enjoyed creating shape shadows.

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Purple Class have enjoyed a busy week joining in with all of Pre-Prep’s activities. In our class we have been thinking about eggs and the creatures which come from eggs. On Tuesday we designed and made our own egg carriers. We tested their effectiveness and quite a few of the eggs inside survived!

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We found out that ladybirds come from eggs. We used the spots on our ladybirds to help us learn about doubles.

Silver Class are thoroughly enjoying Computing and are quickly developing their Word Processing Skills. This week, Silver Class have been learning how to edit text on a Word document by using the arrow and backspace keys. The children practised their skills by typing a sentence and editing it as they reached the end, looking for spaces, capital letters and full stops. Well done, Silver!

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Pre-School visited Broom House Farm on Tuesday and had the opportunity to find out what happens there in the springtime. They visited a pen where there were lots of ewes nearly ready to give birth. The children asked lots of questions about the ewes and found out that some of them had four babies in their tummies!

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