Our Mission

“Academic excellence with Christian values”

The Chorister School has been established at Durham Cathedral for over 600 years. Set in the magnificence of The College, it provides the security and intimacy of a school small enough for every child and family to be known and cared about. The school is proud to be part of Durham Cathedral’s future as well as rooted in its past. It is served by a committed, skilled and qualified professional staff and strives to be a centre of excellence across the curriculum with a particular speciality in music.

The aims of the school are:

  • To provide a first class education, with a broad, participative and balanced curriculum.
  • To enable all our children to achieve their true potential, so that they reach the highest possible standards in everything they undertake.
  • To promote a strong Christian ethos, drawing inspiration from its close relationship with the Cathedral and taking a sensitive approach to the pastoral care of pupils.
  • To educate and support the Choristers of Durham Cathedral as they sing the daily praises of God.
  • To encourage citizenship and responsibility, so that children learn self discipline and respect for themselves, each other, and for the world in which they live.
  • To provide an environment for personal growth in which children discover their talents and abilities and learn generosity of spirit.
  • To relate and contribute to and be part of the local community and region.