This week in Pre-School and Pre-Prep…

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You shall go to the ball!  Purple Class enjoyed a royal ball on Friday afternoon, as a grand finale to our week on Cinderella. We wrote invitations to our friends in Pre-School. They joined us for dancing and refreshments.  We wore crowns and tiaras which we had made ourselves, and our finest clothes.

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Silver Class have loved learning about the famous authors William Shakespeare and J.K. Rowling in English. This links to the children’s topic ‘Famous for more than five minutes’, where children learn about many famous people both past and present. The children had the chance to write some absolutely fantastic fact-files about the life of William Shakespeare using ‘parchment’, as well as making their very own quills to write their signatures, just like Shakespeare did. The children produced wonderful work and should feel extremely proud of themselves. Well done, Silver!

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The highlight of Gold’s week was in Science when they devised their own comparative investigations to see if children get faster as they get older.  Purple Class kindly assisted them with this and took part in a water drinking test, tower building and an obstacle course.  The children worked brilliantly together.

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