This week in Pre-School and Pre-Prep…

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Silver Class have enjoyed another busy week. The children have loved learning about 3D shapes in Maths, learning 3D shape names and properties. The children have been learning about how many faces, edges and vertices each shape may have. Silver loved playing 3D shape bingo and enjoyed playing number games on NSPCC Number Day. Well done, Silver.

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Happy New Year from Purple Class! Purple Class have been learning about Chinese New Year. Did you know that each year is named after animals who took part in a race organised by the Jade Emperor? We have also had our running races this week. We used a stop watch to record each person’s time, and worked who was first, second and third.1.2.19 41.2.19 3

Gold Class thoroughly enjoyed Number Day where they became Maths Queens and Kings remembering all the multiplication and division calculations they have been learning about over the past few weeks.  They also used Maths in Science this week when they carried out a survey of the pets owned by the children in Pre-School and Pre-Prep.  They are going to record these results in a pictograph when they learn about statistics next week.

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NSPCC Number Day has been a great success.  Thank you to everyone who donated.


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All the children in Purple, Silver and Gold really enjoyed their Durham All Stars Cricket sessions this week.  There are definitely some budding sports stars to look out for in the future!

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