Pre-School & Pre-Prep Weekly Blog

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It has been another busy week in Pre-School and Pre-Prep.  The rehearsals for both Nativity performances are well under way and all the children have been working really hard to learn their lines and sing their songs.  Gold Class have produced some fabulous invention designs for their Science Homework and presented them to the class.  It would be great if they could all be created some day as they would make our world a better place!  Our Power Point presentations are almost complete.  The children will be presenting them to the class and parents will get a copy sent home.

In Craft Club the children worked really carefully with paint and cotton buds to create beautiful autumn tree pictures.


Silver have been learning all about the Arctic, in particular icebergs. The children tested icebergs of their own, using a variety of materials and tools to test their balance and how well they float. The children have also written some fantastic Arctic animal fact-files of an animal of their choice, as well as locating Arctic animals in countries within the Arctic Circle.


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