A busy week in Pre-School and Pre-Prep

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It has been lovely to see the children back after our half term break and ready to start what is one of the busiest half terms of the school year!   In Pre-School and Purple the children have been learning about celebrating Bonfire Night. They have made their own fireworks, and learned about how to stay safe on Bonfire Night. They also talked about the story of Guy Fawkes. For Purple a favourite activity was making firework pictures with glitter!  Silver have started their new topic ‘Arctic Adventures’. The children have loved learning about how Arctic animals adapt to survive in the harsh conditions and have enjoyed learning about animal groups, as well as learning about countries in the Arctic Circle, locating them on a world map and matching flags to the correct countries. They are looking forward to learning about Inuit people and learning about different cultures, animal adaptations, the Arctic climate and Inuit dance over the next week.  Gold Class have begun their magical Mapping topic in Geography and were able to draw a sketch map of the School.  In Computing they have planned a presentation which they are excited about creating using Power Point on the new computers in the ICT Suite.  In English they wrote letters to Mr Wicks about the school and, as always, children say it best… “I like this school because everyone is so friendly”, “I like this school because it reminds me of God”, and “I love this school because children are kind to me”.Silver  2.1.18Silver 2.11.18writing 2.11.18

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