Plants, Dragons, Smells and Dance

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Last week Pre-School visited the Poplar Tree Garden Centre, where they took part in a planting activity, a tour around the garden centre and were even able to gather some resources for the Pre-School garden. They also visited the coffee shop for a delicious morning snack.

Silver loved learning about the Nobel Prize winning biologist Linda Brown Buck in Science this week. The children carried out a ‘Sort the Smells’ experiment after discussing what our five senses are and which body parts we use for our senses. The children explored smelling different scents such as vanilla, peppermint, vinegar, coffee, orange and lemon. The children then ordered the different scents according to the numbered jars. Silver were superb smelling investigators!

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This week Purple Class have enjoyed thinking about space adventures. They have built their own space station and written a space log to record the things which we have seen from there.  We have also learned about the Solar System and our moon.

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On Thursday they enjoyed a great trip to The Oriental Museum. They had lots of fun acting out the story of Chinese New Year, hunting for treasures in the display cases, dancing like a dragon and feeding a lion!

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In Science, Gold Class have been thinking about being healthy and will be completing a Food Journal at home which they will evaluate back in class.  Part of being healthy is exercise which Gold do every week in PE and also in Dance and movement.  Our theme is ‘Playground Games Around the World’ and this week the children enjoyed clapping, bouncing and wiggling to different music.

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